The Unkillable Bitcoin

admin 20th, July 2019
The Unkillable Bitcoin

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“I think there’s no capacity to kill Bitcoin." 

In yesterday's interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box”, U.S. Rep Patrick McHenry said it best: "I think there’s no capacity to kill Bitcoin. Even the Chinese, with their firewall and extreme intervention in their society, could not kill Bitcoin. The essence of Bitcoin is what Libra, Facebook, and corporates are trying to mimic." 

This recent vote of confidence coincided with Bitcoin rising above $10,000 once again, following a relatively volatile month. As trust grows with crypto, it seems as if the value does as well. 

Any ban on crypto is also unlikely. 

Despite recent comments from Donald Trump, economist and trader Alex Krueger claims that a crypto ban would likely be prevented by law. This further supports McHenry's unkillable claim and strengthens Bitcoin's longevity. All of this attention is also slowly putting Bitcoin on the world stage, making it another key issue for the 2020 election. 

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