Simple Triangulation Buoystocks Bots

admin 16th, November 2020
Simple Triangulation Buoystocks Bots

Today we proudly launch to the public, one of the many bots that we have to generate income, this is based on triangulation. Now you can acquire a number (X) of trades, to run them and generate profits, important to know that the more numbers of trades you acquire and run simultaneously, the higher your profits will be, the available trade numbers start from 500 to 9000 and you can add as many numbers as you want, always remembering that they expire until they are all run, or when they are time expires.

In this first stage so that people can become familiar with the bots trading system, we have launched something very simple to use, one of our simplest bots and that obtain important profits, the one that we understand you can get the most of profit. just by creating an account at binance.com and depositing a bit of any of these cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, USDC, USDT, you generate your API key to link it with your buoytocks.com account, now with this, you can try our free trial by selecting the best profit percentage options, and after trying and practicing, then you will be ready to get one of our attractive plans.