AITB Artificial Intelligence Crypto Trading Bots

admin 18th, August 2019
AITB Artificial Intelligence Crypto Trading Bots

Commercial bots have become a staple of today's markets, especially in the 24-hour cryptocurrency industry. But while some have gained popularity by allowing enthusiasts to execute their strategies automatically and keep abreast of the latest trends, others have caused controversy by manipulating prices using methods that would violate the law on regulated exchanges.

For regular crypto users, knowing the difference can be crucial. Bad bots are often involved in a practice known as "laundry trade," which makes purchase and sale orders carried out simultaneously to distort the actual levels of activity in the market, 95% of the volumes reported in exchanges Unregulated seems to be of a corrupt or non-economic nature.

The laundry trade is the kind of unethical behavior that could endanger innocent merchants. Less well-known exchanges can participate in these strategies to improve their classification, which makes it appear that they have higher levels of liquidity, deceiving investors in the process.

However, not all commercial bots are used for harmful means, and in fact, some are having a positive influence on the market by helping investors make faster decisions and at the same time reducing the amount of time they have to control the ups and downs of the world of cryptocurrencies, hunched over a laptop.

According to BuoyStocks, a platform that offers commercial bot plans, to automate digital currency trading, in the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, this technology has the potential to reduce errors made in the heat of the moment. Buoystocks says that success often depends mostly on the psychological state of a trader, and this means that spontaneously chasing losses or expecting additional gains can have enormous ramifications if your strategy does not work. These professionals would often not make erratic decisions in daylight, and as such, trading bots allow users to meticulously establish their plan in a predetermined algorithm, complete with orders on when to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

As markets never sleep, merchants may also feel they are under pressure to stay stuck to their computers and smartphones for fear of missing out on the next significant price increase. Smart bots can play a fundamental role in helping cryptocurrency enthusiasts to be able to enter exchanges through BuoyStocks who determines strategies in the morning, at noon and at night, leaving you free to do other business activities or Spend some free time, knowing that BuoyStocks setup will do all the hard work for you.

In fact, these strategies used in our smart bot, help all our shareholders, to enjoy our success with the policy implemented by our team. This is because automated software can react instantly to data points and execute the necessary transactions in a matter of seconds. In some cases, human traders can be much slower than their bot counterparts to achieve the same result, and when markets move quickly, this time difference can prove extremely valuable.

But apart from the fact that bots have the potential to reduce errors, eliminate the excitement of trade and allow cryptocurrency traders to catch up with a much-needed dream, BuoyStocks says there is something else to consider: the ease of You won't have to get involved just waiting for the profits. When you, as a crypto operator, use a large number of exchanges, often with complicated and conflicting interfaces, Buoystocks warns these operators that they may run the real risk of pressing the wrong button and making a costly mistake.

According to BuoyStocks, its objective is to remedy this by offering our plans, which allows you to benefit from our operation in multiple exchanges such as Poloniex, Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, KuCoin, HitBTC and Huobi among others. This can also help eliminate the extensive list of tasks that you would face as an operator as a multitude of complicated logins, having to buy sell wrongly, then offering a unique solution for you.

But are there any inconveniences?

There may be. Many commercial bot platforms are as good as the technology on which they have been built, and for this purpose, it is crucial to ensure that a company's systems are robust, eliminating annoying delays that could cost traders money or see them excluded from trading In essential moments due to downtime and technical difficulties, these complications will not happen to you if you run our plans.

There is also a risk that some operators who run a bot in the market, think that bots can do all the heavy work for you, which means that they do not supervise the chosen platform anywhere near what they should. System peculiarities and lost orders can never be ruled out, and regular registration can ensure that any problem is corrected before financial damage is inflicted.

The bots are also as good as the strategies they are told to execute and, often, it takes more than this to enjoy success when crypto operations are performed. Automated systems can detect trends, but cannot react accurately or understand the importance of news events that can cause currency prices to skyrocket or collapse unexpectedly. Meanwhile, many operators use something called "backtesting" to see how they will develop the strategies they are considering based on historical data. Although this can be a handy guide, past market movements cannot dictate what will happen in the future, and as such, it is always worth using such features with great caution, in all this BuoyStocks is pending and in the execution of each detail to achieve success.

BuoyStocks says its goal is to provide merchants with as much revenue as possible to help them enjoy success while you rest and our software operates for you and you share these benefits on social media so you can build a community where users can share these promising earnings, remember that BuoyStocks has advice from other professionals and we send signals to each other.

Other features of Buyoystocks is that it gives users the ability to trade and exploit the company's native token, called BS at the same time, while we integrate this capital into our bots, with the aim of making positive leverage for this BS.

A 24-month subscription will also be offered, for the BuoyStocks automated trading platform, for the month of December, where you can link with your API keys in exchanges that a user requires. These more advanced price subscriptions will allow operators to access a higher number of trading pairs simultaneously, along with technical support that will adapt precisely to their own requirements.